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Honestly ignoring me is the worst thing you can do to me.

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How October Jones Passes Time on the Train

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Boyfriend ?

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I caught feelings for someone that I didn’t want to catch feelings for. I blush so easily when I am around him and it sucks because I know mine and his intentions are completely different. Clearly he is joking around by calling me girlfriend and what not. But it seems kinda real. He’s the first and last person I talk too.. all the good morning texts and good night texts has got to me. I feel like he is just using me to spoil him with shoes and stuff. And it sucks because I really do feel like I like him. And its the first time I felt like this in awhile about a guy. It is nice to call someone my boyfriend. Its been awhile since I called someone my boyfriend. But I know this whole thing isn’t real. but it sure is nice to have someone to hug at times. Sigh. And everyone at work thinks its something more but little do thwy know that we are just joking around and that at the end day im the only one who caught feelings. After all of this I know I will be the one hurt the most. Or Maybe im just scared that I will get hurt all over again anf that im not ready. But sometimes its time for me to test the water and get back up. I don’t know what it is but I just hope whatever decision I make will be in my favor. Wish me luck…

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It’s just time.

Waking up to that literally broke my heart once again. Its just hard for me to accept it. I just loved you so much and to see you slip away from me is so hard. I know that this is good for you to move on because she will make you happy. And to see you happy is something I wish for. I want to see you happy even if it means that you will forget about me. I hope for the best for you. And know that I will always love you and you will always be apart of my life. But its time for me to let you go to someone who can make you happier than I ever did. This will be hard for me but I will get through it in time. But me deleting you out of my life is the only way for me to get over it and all I ask is for you to understand that and not to question or force yourself back into my life. Because if you do I feel I might breakdown in front of you. But for now I must be strong and not show you my weakness. I love you forever and goodbye.

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if “girls aren’t supposed to have body hair” then why do girls have fucking body hair?

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a homeless guy just said to me “do you tell jokes to make people laugh or to make people think you’re funny” and that is the most profound shit ive ever experienced

I asked my old science teacher this and he said “I make jokes to make myself laugh because I know I’m funny.”

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a fairytale where a young girl is kidnapped and forced to marry a demon king and instead of being like no! never! shes like fine as long as i get to help you destroy and hes like lol cool but soon shes doing a bit too much and her husband king is like okay enough power and shes like bye see you in the dungeon and hes like what and hes dragged away cause now everyone is more loyal to her and she reigns over the underworld and the surface world with a cold iron fist

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Please reblog if you are a girl and have ever been made to feel ashamed of one or more of these things (wanting to prove a point to some asshole):

-your weight

-your clothing choice

-your amount of make up

-having sex

-not having sex

-breast size

-having your period

-saying no

-not appreciating catcalls 


-body hair

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